Centrifugal Gold Concentrator

Product introduction

Centrifugal gold concentrator, also known as water jacket centrifuge, centrifugal concentrator, is a new type of enhanced gravity beneficiation equipment based on centrifugal principle. The single gold body is sorted in the flotation concentrate, which replaces the mercury plate operation, and has no pollution to the environment. The water jacket centrifuge is composed of feeding slot, frame, tailing slot, concentrate slot, double-layer centrifugal liner, drive motor, bearing chamber, vertical shaft and other components. The double-layer centrifugal liner is divided into inner and outer layers. The inner layer is a cone-shaped body like a washing machine drying bucket. It is welded with stainless steel and has annular spacers. Form a closed water jacket with the inner layer. The middle drive shaft is a hollow shaft, and the pressure water is flushed into the inner sleeve of the double-layer centrifugal bucket through the hollow shaft, and injected into the spacer from the inner layer small holes to form backwash water. The gold-bearing minerals to be selected enter the bottom of the double-layer centrifugal bucket from the upper feeding slot in the form of pulp. Between the spacers, the light material slides upward until it reaches the upper mouth of the double-layer centrifugal bucket and is discharged through the tailings trough. The lighter substances are continuously replaced by the newly entered heavy substances out of the spacer, and after a period of time, the gold-containing heavy substances in the spacer are cleaned out.

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Product application

Application field: Centrifugal gold concentrator is suitable for the recovery of precious metals, including the enrichment of gold ore, silver ore, platinum group, tungsten ore, cassiterite, tantalite, chromite, rutile and other relatively heavy minerals, among which the most extensive The application is the recovery of rock (vein) gold, placer gold and non-ferrous metal associated gold. Application materials: gold, silver, platinum group, tin, tungsten, lead, tantalum, chromium, titanium, hematite and other ores. Equipment advantages: 1. The equipment has high re-election efficiency. Compared with other products, it can screen out metal minerals more finely, and the recovery efficiency of raw materials is higher. 2. The equipment has a high degree of automation, fast operation efficiency, simple operation, low failure rate, and greatly reduces labor costs. 3. It can process raw materials in large quantities and efficiently select metal minerals. The requirements for the environment and the site are low, and the collocation is convenient, which can be quickly integrated into the existing production configuration.

Equipment model








0-0.6 T/h

2-3 T/h

8-12 T/h

35-45 T/h


 Fluidization Water

2-3 m3/h

3-5 m3/h

7-10 m3/h

30-36 m3/h


Slurry Water

1.5-4 m3/h

5-7 m3/h

8-12 m3/h

40-45 m3/h


 Feeding Density

0-50 %

0-50 %

0-50 %

0-50 %


Feeding Size 

0-3 mm

0-5 mm


0-15 mm


Cleaning Up Cycle

Vein gold 1-3 H,Placer gold:2-6 H

Concentrate Weight  

2 Kg


30-40 Kg

50-60 Kg



0.75 Kw

1.5 Kw

4 Kw

11 Kw




410 Kg

1100 Kg

1500 Kg


Dimensions (cm)