foot pump

Product introduction

The foot water pump is a kind of water taking tool that is stepped on by human beings. The single-cylinder pump is assembled, and the bracket is provided with a lever support sleeve to facilitate the user to maintain the balance of the body, and to send the water to the designated position by stepping on the feet.

foot pump-1
foot pump-2
foot pump-3

Product application

Application areas: car washing, fields, greening, mines in remote mountainous areas, and can also be used as sports equipment to exercise.

Advantages of the equipment: 1. The design fully meets the requirements of ergonomics, scientific and reasonable, safe and reliable, simple to operate, easy and labor-saving, ten-year-old children can work continuously for more than 1 hour, and the elderly, women and children are suitable for operation.

2. Lightweight and easy to carry (26 kg), it can be moved anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether it is a flat or hillside irrigation and water supply, without site restrictions.

3. It is convenient and quick to take water. As long as there are oily pits, puddles, ponds, wells, pools, ditches, canals, lakes, creeks, small rivers, big rivers, big rivers, and the sea, it can be used without electricity or fuel. Fast pumping for irrigation and water supply, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. Assembly does not require any tools, just like a child playing a building block puzzle, it can be assembled and assembled, simple maintenance and durable.

5. If you are a fitness enthusiast, this product must be your favorite fitness equipment, and couples, lovers, and children come to play together, which is more interesting, that is, fitness and entertainment! Once you have a foot pump like this, people will see your excited smile.

6. Your private house and your car also need this product. It is an ideal helper for family car washing, floor brushing, flowers, vegetables, fish and pets.


Equipment model

Most pumping


Irrigation Capability Daily  

Two-Cylinder Pressure

Output Water/h

 Pipe  Size and Long

under the earth surface 10m

10000square meter

0.06mpa(2 cylinders)


input 8m

output 8m

diameter 25mm

above the earth surface 10m

pumping pressure 10m