Product introduction

Small pumping sand panning ship, commonly known as miniature gold panning ship, also called siphon type gold panning ship, experimental gold Mining Ship.

 It can travel through mountains and rivers, and is used for prospecting gold deposits. It is more convenient to use in shallow beaches, stones and places where large ships are not easy to operate. Small gold mining equipment is small gold recovery rate, and easy to operate and maintain the low rate, is a good family machinery to get rich.


Product application

Application of small sand-pumping gold mining ship: 

Under the action of water flow, a lot of gold particles remain at the bottom of the river bed. The miniature gold panning ship is a specialized gold panning equipment designed for the development and design of complex river bed conditions. It is used in areas where the river water is shallow, the stones are many, and the large-scale mining is difficult. Miniature gold panning ship for siphon pumping sand gold panning ship, easy assembly, disassembly, light and convenient equipment, one person can operate; Small pumping sand gold ship using gasoline engine as power, less fuel consumption, low noise, safety and pollution, the use of high strength plastic floating body, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection, is small-scale mining, or large-scale exploitation of the right-hand man; 

How a small gold mining ship works: 

Pumping sand pump from the bottom of the river bed to extract a certain concentration of sand water mixture, and will be injected with a special gold suction groove, by high-pressure water will be out of the waste, gold in gold blanket or gold mat, the equipment by a power at the same time to complete pumping sand panning work; 

Characteristics of small gold rush boat: 

Miniature gold panning using the siphon principle, its advantage is that the sand does not flow through the impeller, do not consider the wear of the pump and impeller, become a shallow river small-scale gold selection investment less yield high effective tool;


Equipment model

Product Name

4 Inch Gold Mining Ship

Pump Engine

DW 180/Honda GX 200 6.5 HP

Air compressor


Sluice box size (cm)

122 x 40

Max. Dredging Depth (m)


Work Capacity (m3/h)


Fuel Consumption

1.7 L/H

Suction Hose Length

4” x 6 m

Packing size

195*130*120 cm


150 kg