lab cone ball mill

Lab Cone Ball Mill

Product introduction

Conical ball mill is a small laboratory grinding equipment. It can be used for both dry and wet purposes. It has a compact structure and is practical and convenient. It is used for grinding fine ore in the study of ore selectivity, and it can also be used for grinding a small amount of materials in the research work of machinery, water, electricity, light industry and agriculture.

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Product application

Application fields: It is used for grinding fine ore in laboratories, research units and concentrators of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, and coal, etc. for ore selectivity research. material use

Equipment advantages: 1. The equipment configuration is balanced and reasonable, and the operation automation degree is high

2. The feeding and discharging of the cylinder body are controlled by electric motor, which is convenient and quick, and the inclination angle can be set arbitrarily.

3. The unit power consumption of finely ground materials is small, and the abrasive efficiency is high

4. Feeding and discharging, the cylinder is automatically controlled, no manual operation is required, and the strain caused by manual operation is avoided.

5. The machine running time can be set arbitrarily, LCD screen menu display, humanized design

6. No special foundation is required for installation, easy to move and easy to maintain

7. The particle size composition of the finely ground material is uniform, and the degree of over-grinding is small, which is conducive to improving the quality of the ore selectivity experiment work.

Working principle: The conical ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device with outer edge transmission, two warehouses, and a lattice type ball mill. The material enters the mill chamber spirally and evenly from the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft. There are stepped lining plates or corrugated lining plates in the chamber, and different steel balls are installed inside. Blows and grinds the material. After the material is roughly ground in the warehouse, it enters the second warehouse through the single-layer partition board. The warehouse is inlaid with a flat lining board and has steel balls to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding.

Equipment model






200 g

500~1000 g

4000 g

Feeder size

≤ 10 mm

≤ 10 mm

≤ 10mm

Output size

0.074 mm

0.074 mm

0.074 mm


0.25 kw

0.55 kw

1.1 kw

Dimension size

915/530/1160 mm

1152/640/1160 mm

700/575/1190 mm


150 kg

170 kg

300 kg