Plastic shaking table

Product introduction

Plastic shaker, also known as gold rush shaker, plastic chute shaker, is a commonly used gold rush equipment in small and medium-sized mine sand gold selection process. The plastic shaker is small in size, easy to carry, simple in operation, high in efficiency and compact in design. The chute design does not run off gold or mercury. It is widely used in gold prospectors who often run the sand field outside. They can bring the machine to the sand field to start work directly.

plastic shaking table3
plastic shaking table1
plastic shaking table2

Product application

The gold panning shaker is a kind of gold selection equipment suitable for gold panning. It is driven by a diesel engine. How to use it: before the diesel engine is used, add diesel oil, add oil, add water, start the diesel engine, shake the shaker back and forth, put mercury in the front 4 grids, each Put about 4 catties of mercury in one grid, and the effect will be better if you put more mercury. Install a water pipe at the feeding place (note: the amount of water should not be too large, just wrap the faucet with a piece of cloth and let the water flow slowly through the chute), panning for gold The shaker can handle about 4-10 tons a day, shake until the mercury gold is left, directly take out the chute and pour out the mercury gold! The gold selection rate is as high as 99, which is a set of equipment for sand panning gold!

Application field: gold panning

Application material: sand gold

Equipment advantages: 1. Small size, easy to carry.

2. Simple operation, with the effect of plastic roller.

3. The design is compact, and the chute design does not run away from gold or mercury.

4. It is used for gold diggers who often run the sand field outside, and can bring the machine to the sand field to start work directly.

5. The color of the support is blue, and the chute is white.


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