fine sand recycling machine

Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Product introduction

The main function of the fine sand recovery machine is to clean, dehydrate and grade the sand and stone. The process transformation of the traditional artificial sand and stone production line is carried out to limit the loss of fine sand to the greatest extent, improve the economic benefits, reduce the pollution to the environment and maximize the utilization of raw materials.

The fine sand recovery machine is developed for the dehydration, demineralization and desliming of slurry materials. Its biggest feature is that it can well solve the problem of fine sand loss in the sand making industry. Fine sand reclaimer is also known as fine sand reclaimer, tailings reclaimer, fine sand extractor, fine sand collector, sediment separator, mud separator, sand water mixture treatment system, etc.

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Product application

Application field: the machine is widely used in wheel bucket sand washing machine or spiral sand washing machine or tailings dry discharge dehydration, which can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recovery, and reach 10-15% water after dehydration.

Application materials: river sand, sediment, yellow sand, rock sand.

Equipment advantages:

1. Effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and control it within 5% – 10%, which solves the problems of high fineness modulus of finished sand and low content of stone powder in the artificial aggregate processing system.

2. The vibrating screen adopts polyurethane screen, which has longer service life than other types of screens and will not block holes.

3. The fine particles are fully recovered, which reduces the workload of the sedimentation tank and the cleaning cost of the sedimentation tank.

4. 85% of the total recoverable discharge of fine-grained materials has unparalleled technical and managerial advantages over other equipment.

5. High work efficiency, the production site can operate quickly and quickly meet the market demand.

6. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and fast use, low failure rate and long service life, and can be designed and installed according to the needs of customers.

Working principle: 1. Structure of fine sand recovery device: it is composed of motor, slurry pump, cyclone, zkr linear vibrating screen, cleaning tank, return box, etc.

2. Working process of fine sand reclaimer: the sand water mixture is transported to the cyclone, and the fine sand concentrated by centrifugal classification is supplied to the vibrating screen through the sand setting nozzle. After dehydration by the vibrating screen, the fine sand and water are effectively separated, and a small amount of fine sand and mud return to the cleaning tank through the return tank. When the liquid level of the cleaning tank is too high, it is discharged through the discharge port The weight concentration of material recovered by linear vibrating screen is 70% – 85%. The fineness modulus can be adjusted by changing the pump speed, changing the mortar concentration, adjusting the overflow water and replacing the sand nozzle. So as to complete the three functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification.


Equipment model

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