Four Roller Electrostatic Separator

Product introduction

Electric separation is using different conductive properties of mineral separation of a physical separation method. Under the effect of electric field of ore grain by electrical and mechanical force, centrifugal force, gravity, drag), produced by the different trajectories separately, so as to achieve the aim of separation.When ore into the bunker after heating, through the feeder trough feeding to the rotation of the roller surface, along with the roller rotate into the corona area, corona current make all particles (conductor and non-conductor) were negative. Conductor particles with small contact resistance between the roller and the charge by the roll pass away quickly, in under the action of mechanical force, clear of roller, into the tailings in the bucket (conductive particles), the conductive particles between the roller and contact resistance is big, not easy to leave the charge transfer, due to the adsorption on the surface of the roller, the effect of electric field force with the rotation of the roller to roll back, was discharged hair brush, Collected concentrate (non conductive particles) in the bucket. Semiconductor particles or failed to fully discharge the conductor ore grain fell into the bucket of middlings was (semiconductor particles).

Product application

1, waste aluminum-plastic plate separator complete equipment; Complete equipment for waste electronic circuit board separator. The separation principle is the same: the separation purity can reach more than 99%.

2. Separation of scheelite and cassiterite.

3, magnetite, hematite, chromite, manganese ore sorting; Sorting of tantalum-niobium ore, ilmenite, rutile and monazite.

4, separation of other metals and non-metallic mixtures of metal extraction.

5, separation of aluminum-plastic shavings (such as PVC aluminum-plastic shavings, aluminum-plastic doors and Windows aluminum and plastic separation).

6, copper-plastic composite and copper-plastic mixture separation (such as electronic circuit board copper skin recovery, PVC copper wire small line copper plastic recovery).

7, quartz, feldspar sorting; Separation of graphite, diamond, apatite, coal and asbestos.

8. Extraction of carbon from fly ash.

9, grain and other grain selection to remove impurities.

10. Sorting of gold.


Working principle: When the minerals with different conductivity pass through the electric field, they have different charges due to electrostatic induction or capture of charged ions, and show different characteristics in the electric field. With the help of gravity, it produces different motion trajectories. Then, with the aid of receiving equipment, the purpose of separating different conductive minerals is achieved.

Electrical separation is a method to make use of the differences in the electrical properties of various minerals and materials in nature. Such as common minerals in magnetite, ilmenite, cassiterite, natural gold, etc., its electrical conductivity is relatively good; Quartz, zircalite, feldspar, calcite, scheelite and silicate minerals have poor electrical conductivity, so that they can be used to separate their electrical properties.


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