Product introduction

The machine is to replace artificial hand sieve sieve, reduce labor intensity, the operating personnel control equipped with digital electronic controller, to make the sample in the exact number of screening, laboratory vibration sieve machine advanced structure, good performance, with large amplitude, the conversion of the vibration is strong, easy to use, good filtering effect, clip set of convenient and flexible use, etc, this machine has 200 mm diameter standard screen, screen mesh with 4 mesh to 400 mesh.

Product application

1. Usage

Φ200 vibrating screen machine is suitable for screening and analysis of materials in the laboratory and laboratory of geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, national defense, scientific research, grinding wheel, cement, construction and other departments. 

2. Main structure

The structure of the machine is mainly composed of organic seat, top cover, rotating structure, jar mechanism, clamping mechanism and sleeve screen. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, assembly of automatic stopping device, advanced structure, good performance, large rotation amplitude, strong jar force, good screening effect, convenient and flexible use of jacket screen.

3.Working principle

The machine by the motor through the transmission shaft, worm wheel to drive the swing frame of the main eccentric shaft rotation, and then drive the other two eccentric shaft rotation so that the whole screen group of swing to get the radius, also equal to the eccentricity of the plane circular swing. At the same time, the same motor drives another pair of worm gear to pay through the CAM, and the swinging frame with the top rod is equipped with the screen group, and the swinging frame is periodically lifted by its own weight and falls on the anvil of the machine base, so that the swinging frame is shaken in the plane circle at the same time.

Equipment model


Screen size

Hole size

Min. Shaking times

Swing distance


Dimension size



200 mm

4-0.037 mm

290 r/min

25-35 mm






200  mm

4-0.037 mm

221 r/min

5 mm