Product introduction

Electrostaic separator is a method to separate mineral materials by using the difference of their electrical properties in nature. Such as common minerals in magnetite, ilmenite, cassiterite, natural metals, etc., its electrical conductivity is relatively good; Quartz, cobaltite, feldspar, calcite, white tin ore and silicate minerals are relatively poor conductivity, so that they can use the difference in electrical properties, electricity separation.



1. Beautiful appearance, silo, hopper are all made of stainless steel, no rust, no paste, suitable for a variety of materials sorting. 

2. Single-phase power supply is adopted to reduce the requirements for power supply, good safety and easy to use. 

3. Adopt imported programmable controller, frequency converter and so on, so that the electrical performance of the whole machine is excellent. 

4. Adopt digital display instrument, all kinds of measurement data display eye-catching and accurate.

Product application

Φ250×200 high voltage separator is mainly used for conductor minerals and non-conductor minerals sorting, but also can replace the screening operation for the classification of the same material; And the sorting work used in grain processing and partial seed selection. At present, the main applications of high voltage separator are:

1) Selection of nonferrous, black and rare metal ores

For example, the separation of scheelite from cassiterite; Separation of magnetite, hematite, chromite and manganese ore; Sorting of tantalum niobite ilmenite, rutile and monazite; Gold sorting and so on.

(2) Separation of metallic minerals

For example, quartz, feldspar sorting; Separation of graphite, diamond, apatite, coal and asbestos.

(3) Production of ultra-pure iron concentrate

For example, the use of electric separation to produce high quality iron concentrate, containing more than 66% Fe, containing SiO2 less than 3%, which has advantages in reducing coke ratio, saving energy and reducing costs.

(4) Sorting of various materials: it can be graded according to the shape and particle size of materials.

(5) Separation of broken metal powder, fine particles and other insulating materials.

(6) Remove non-ferrous metals from plastics. 

(7) Recycling copper, aluminum and other useful metals from municipal solid waste. 

(8) Seed selection of grains and other grains to remove impure hybrids. 

(9) tea separation.

Equipment model

Drum tube
φ 250 × 200 mm
Drum rotational speed
50 ~ 300 r/min
Brush speed
The rotational speed of drum 2 times
Drum tube heating
50 ~ 60 ℃
900 W
Silo heating
100 ~ 300 ℃
900 W
Feeding chute vibrator
Feeder size
0.04 ~ 1 mm
15 ~ 30 Kg/h
High voltage power supply power
800 W
Maximum voltage
60 Kv
Dimension size
920×1120×1850 mm
400 Kg