Product introduction

Trommel Rotary washing scrubber is no different from other washing machines in addition to the structure. The cleaning degree of the drum washing machine is very high, and the drum washing machine has also been widely used in many sand and stone production lines. The drum washing machine is mainly used in the desliming and screening of a large number of sand and stone used in construction sites, sand and stone plants, prefabrication plants and hydropower sites, and can also be used in ore screening operations.


Product application

1. The Trommel rotary washing scrubber has the characteristics of large feed particle size, so it is mainly used for desilting operations where the artificial sand is less than 80mm aggregate. 

2. After washing by the drum washing machine, the mud content of the aggregate can be less than 0.5% and the water content is less than 2%. 

3. High integrity: In addition to the finished material stacking belt machine, all systems are integrated in an overall framework, which not only ensures the integrity of the equipment but also leaves appropriate maintenance and inspection space. 

4. The high integrity of the drum washing machine equipment is convenient for construction site storage or transfer transportation, convenient and safe. 

5. Working reliability: The core stone washing system of the drum washing machine adopts the mixing principle of the mixer, and the raw materials are rolled, pushed and friction between the continuous spiral blades in the mixing drum, which has a strong natural reliability. 

6. Drum washing machine equipment has a strong economic use, storage hopper capacity of 8M3, so that the loader reasonable arrangement of the main equipment (such as mixing station) and stone washing machine loading time, to avoid the loader in different loading points and raw materials frequent change, storage hopper mouth width is greater than 3 meters, but also make the loader easy to load, reduce labor intensity. 

7. The drum washing machine is also equipped with water tanks with the functions of waste water recycling, automatic compensation for clean water, and washing and mud discharge when the finished material is discharged. The capacity of the water tank is 2M3. 

8. Finished stone can be stacked or put into the warehouse or bucket (such as: into the batching machine stone bucket).


Equipment model


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Water pressure


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